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I've decided to stop being an artist manager. I'll be taking a sabbatical in 2023 - unwinding from working as an artist manager for 16,5 years first and then figuring out what else I want to do work-wise. I’ve had an amazing run and am very excited about the future :D

My lovely girlfriend Liza and I are expecting our daughter to be born in November. I could not see myself combining (good) fatherhood with good management. So I'd rather stop now, before I mess up one or even both. I can't be on call for my artists whilst also being on call for my daughter, not when both can call at each hour of the day, and any day of the week :)

Our roster grew significantly and everyone on it has been growing and exploring new genres. We started doing label management for a few of them. All in all we had nine different acts/writers to do all kinds of different work for, and this meant the work got more and more diffused. So it became difficult for me to keep an overview of everything that was on our plate.

Covid took its toll over the last couple of years. At times it took the fun out of our work, put a lot of pressure on our artists and ourselves and gave us years of financial insecurity.

It has been an honour to work with Noisia, my three amazing friends who have meant so much to me in my working life. I am grateful to them for my career in music. Right now I can't wait to go back to just being friends with them. Noisia is stopping this year - has stopped, you could say, since we have seen the final Noisia performances in August.

With them, I have done everything in the music industry that I might have wanted to do. And without them, I would have to invest a lot of extra time and energy to get my company up to a level again where I can employ Fiep and break even; and work towards hiring a third person and then at some point in a few years time making a profit again. So both emotionally and financially, stopping along with Noisia makes a lot of sense.

Noisia is not the only act I manage. I am leaving an immensely talented roster of artists; with Posij, IMANU and Buunshin; the projects which the Noisia guys have started over the years, (such as Thys, Sleepnet, Zonderling and Body Ocean); and all of them writing music for films, games, adverts or with other artists like Sevdaliza, Skrillex and Kraantje Pappie.

Flapper Management will cease to actively manage all clients per October 1st. The only exception is Noisia, for whom we will be working on a few final projects until the end of the year.

I will be taking birth leave from November 1st so will in effect have stopped work. Fiep will be working until Christmas. Per January 1st Flapper Management will be completely inactive.

Some of the artists are in talks with new management but others will manage themselves for now. You can find their contact details on our website in case you want to get in touch with them directly.

Its been an amazing ride, see you in the next life! :)



Flapper Management